Latin Kings


Various influences of Latin Style
A Great moment was to see Cachao, at 81 years of age, was in danger of living out his life without any well-deserved glory. He was working in the Communist system without any of the privilege he had become accustomed to before Castro. In the 1980's he decided to immigrate to Miami and live with relatives.

Cachao lived in Miami for eight years in anonymity. A call then came from Cuban actor Andy Garcia. Garcia, a long-time fan of Cachao, was interested in getting together with the musician for a documentary. The artist had first met Cachao in Cuba as a very young boy when introduced by his father. Many years later in the late 80's, Andy Garcia was filming the Godfather in San Francisco for director/producer Francis Ford Coppola when he encountered Cachao again. Beginning in 1993 the two artists have collaborated on every project beginning with this first one which resulted in a highly acclaimed documentary.
Under his CineSon banner, Andy Garcia made his directorial debut and co-produced the feature length documentary concert film Cachao…Como Su Ritmo No Hay Dos (Like His Rhythm There Is No Other), a feature length documentary concert film about the co-creator of the Mambo, Israel Lopez Cachao.

Garcia subsequently produced and performed on Volumes I and II of Cachao—Master Sessions, the first a 1994 Grammy Award winner and the latter a 1995 Grammy Award nominee. Cachao—Cuba Linda was the duo’s third installment for Garcia’s CineSon record label and was nominated for a 2001 Grammy and 2000 Latin Grammy Award. The pair re-teamed to record ¡Ahora Sí!, the fourth installment of Cachao’s master sessions, again under the CineSon label. The CD will be sold in conjunction with a bonus DVD, containing an hour-long behind the scenes film of the recording sessions. The film, also titled ¡Ahora Sí!, was directed by Garcia.